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GO Climbing!

GO Climbing! is an in-depth beginners climbing resource

UK Climbing is the World's busiest climbing and mountaineering web site (so they claim) lots of interesting info.


The Great Outdoors Magazine


TGO Magazine has been the UK's leading monthly hillwalking magazine for the past 30 years and it's editor, Cameron McNeish, is one of the outdoor world's leading personalities. Every month, TGO is full of thought provoking articles, varied and exhilarating routes, expert gear reviews and outstanding photography. In addition to this, our new look interactive website covers all of the issues and articles in the magazine as well as much more including editor and contributor blogs, video and photo galleries and interactive maps and tools.


International Federation of Sports Climbing

Created in January 2007 and in December 2007 the International Olympic Committee granted provisional recognition to the IFSC, some way from being in the games but an important first step.



The Scottish Youth Climbing Blog



Scottish Youth Climbing Series

  • Youth Climbing Series 2017 info here
  • Climb Scotland Scottish Youth Bouldering Championships 2017 here
  • Scottish Scools Climbing Competition 2017 here

Climbing Walls

         UK Climbing lookup of Climbing Walls

         Mountaineering Scotland guide to Indoor Climbing

         BMC guide to Climbing Walls


Instruction, Technique and Tips

Warming Up


  1. For advice and tips on warming up try here


The Science

Some of the evidence base for the science of sport climbing is at:



Home Climbing Walls

For anyone with a spare garage/barn/shed there is some useful advice on home climbing walls at:



Power'n Play

For anyone interested in Belay Glasses



Mountain Aid

For information and news of the Mountain Aid Charity