We aim to nurture and develop the talents of our youngsters and as such we hope to provide:

  1. An identity and sense of belonging in the Scottish climbing scene, by providing a club and brand name easily recognisable throughout Scotland.
  2. Coaching sessions and masterclasses run by professional coaches, paid for by the club.
  3. Outdoor climbing sessions with qualified instructors, paid for by the club.
  4. By arranging climbing sessions and trips in other areas and in the future perhaps abroad.
  5. We have a club membership of MCofS. As part of membership of the Quickdraw Climbing Club a membership of MCofS will be taken out for all members, paid for by the club. (Affiliate members are responsible for their own MCofS status.)

Fees (per member)

  • Yearly Membership £20 (October to September)
  • Six Months £10 (if joining after March)
  • Quartely £5 (if joining after June)
  • And a monthly Subscription of £7.50 (per member)

Future Benefits

At the moment we are currently in the process of negotiating potential discount opportunities with climbing suppliers. If successful these would become a free benefit of membership.  


Prospective members should initially contact the Membership Secretary to obtain further information and application forms.