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Having just come back from a week in North Yorkshire and sampling the delights of gritstone bouldering at Almscliff with Rory we have a bouldering guide for that area, which is available for anyone one in the club to borrow.  Does the club have such a guide sharing  library or is it worth considering?  I managed to get the book on the internet for almost £10 less than in the usual outdoor shops, but since the books are expensive and the ones for the farther flung locations likely to be less used regularly, it seems worthwhile sharing than us all buying the same ones.  Thoughts please...

avril (not verified)
Brilliant Photos

Hi George

Just seen your bouldering photos.  Some good actions shots.  You both look like you had a brilliant day.

avril (not verified)
Climbing Books Library/Reference List

HI George

Good idea.  I think the club may have a couple of reference books at present but not sure where these are kept.  Even if we kept a central list of who has what we would then know who to go to.  Would you be able to manage that?


georgew (not verified)
Climbing Books Library/Reference List

Hi Avril,


New browser now working better.  Pippa and I had a chat today at Ratho about how to get started with the book sharing so hopefully we'll have the bones of something shortly to share with eveyone!