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I would love to make the scores more visible during the competitions.  How about projecting the running totals on a screen?  In every other sport, the competitors at least have a rough idea what's going on or where they stand etc.  I think that it would contibute to the audience's enjoyment too.

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Volunteers for scoring

On a related note - Avril and I will miss the next YCS comp and Simon will need volunteers to assist in registering climbers, creating scoresheets in the morning, chasing scoresheets, and printing off certificates at the end - any volunteers out there?

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Showing Scores

Posting up scores might not be physically possible in some locations.  How many plug points have you spotted at walls? 

Scores come in all over the place so summary sheets might only be possible at half way and final stage.  Yesterday's event had the added problem of split groups. The fact that the girls were climbing out of sync made it very hard to tell who was leading at any point up to the last climber and the last route.  Could it also lead to more approaches to judges from parents who didn't agree with the last climb score just posted? 

Also I think the judges can tell the kids what they have scored after a climb if they ask and parents could keep their own tally so that they have an idea of their child's score.

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It's as much the concept as the practicalities that are important here.


There is a sliding scale from abstract secrecy; to open, broadcast communication.  Personally, I favour an open system.  I think that the benefits of open communication far out-weigh the very minor difficulties making it work.  The dynamics of competition are one of the things that make it interesting. 


How can we help make this happen at future comps?

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Possbile Solution to Displaying Scores

I agree it would be good to have the facility to display the current scores but it would require a lot more volunteers. I was sitting at the PC waiting for scores to arrive but they arrived in a sporadic fashion. Each judge kept their sheets until each climb was finished and if they had time would quickly pass them over to me. Unfortunately due to the large number of competitors it required the groups to move quickly on to the next problem to avoid delays. This meant the judges were keeping their score sheets for two rounds (or more). When the sheets did arrive there was limited time to input the scores and check them. To then generate the updated table of results into a format suitable for presentation and then present them would require a second PC and a second helper for this task alone. At the British YCS finals in London last year they had two PC's and lots of time between problems (due to the lack of space to run all groups at once) and this was the same at the EYS.Even at the EYS the results took a long time to be displayyed (printed sheets) and that was with lots of time between problems.  At the end of the event in Stirling the kids that were finished volunteered to chase the judges for the finished sheets, which helped in the generation of the final results, but this would cause problems in earlier rounds as the judges have to keep their sheets in order.      

One solution could be to change the score sheet format to have one sheet for every problem (for every category) with all clombers listed on each sheet, rather than one score sheet for every climber, and this would allow the judges to pass on the sheet after every round. This would need "runners" to be available for the judges to pass the sheets to and then take them to the scoring table for input but would probably work. It would also require extra work to set up the score sheets on the morning of the event but would allow a speedier update of the spreadsheet and at least allow the results table to be updated regularly and a print out could be made after each update.

The overhead projector idea is good but I think it will be too tricky to implement (and who has one and is willing to lend it to the YCS and get it covered in chalk....)

Without a change to the score sheet system there is no simple way to present the results after every round so this would have to be discussed with Simon to get his views.

It would also be a good idea to get someone on the PC with two good hands - that might speed things up.......... 

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Running scores at Comps

I agree it would make it more exiting for competitors and spectators. It would also prevent the guessing on what the scores are which can cause disappointment when the scores don't turn out to be as was expected!

I wouldn't have to be technically sophisticated, it could just be a projection from a PC on a white wall.