Your chance to invest in a film.. or just come along for a nice evening of chat

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For a change nothing to do with climbing!

My friend is seeking people to invest in his company to make a very low budget film about graphic novels. It is really well written and they have Fish cast as one if the main characters. They are seeking investors - who may be willing to put in anything from about £50 to whatever they would like. The Electric Man event has food and drink provided to encourage people to come along!

You are cordially invited to an Evening for Electric Man. Blue Bar
Cafe (above Traverse), Cambridge Street, Edinburgh, Tuesday 13th April
at 6pm.
Electric Man is a new Scottish, low budget comedy currently in pre-
production. The story concerns a valuable first edition comic, the
titular Electric Man and how, through malice and mischance, it falls
into the hands of our two heroes, Jazz and Wolf, owners of an
Edinburgh comic shop. Owing a large sum of cash to their landlord,
Jazz and Wolf believe the comic is the answer to their prayers but it
doesn't belong to them and several other interested parties are more
than willing to use threat, force and cunning to wrest the comic from
their grasp.
The script has been likened to "The Maltese Falcon' meets 'Clerks' and
will be filming in Edinburgh this year.
As well as general crowd funding activities conducted through our
Facebook and Twitter site we're also inviting a select group of people
to invest in the project
Come along to our the evening and meet the team behind the project,
see a teaser trailer, some of the pre-production artwork and footage
from our recent auditions as well as being introduced to some of the
cast. We'll be outlining the benefits which come through your
investment and the potential returns that are possible in this kind of
For more information, head on over to
Please RSVP to and if you require further
information, please do not hesitate to be in touch.
Look forward to seeing you there.

David Barras
Writer and Director of Electric Man
Strange Boat
Web -