2013-2014 Competition Results Review

Throughout the 2013-24 competition year Quickdraw members have supported each other in competitions ranging from local indoor bouldering leagues to those on a national level.

Youth Climbing Series
Almost every member took part in the three rounds held at walls in the south of Scotland over the winter and early spring. Ten climbers from the club’s current membership succeeding in qualifying for the Scotland South squad and had the opportunity to represent the region in the national finals held at EICA Ratho in June 2014. Thomas Miedzybrodzki (E), Jamie Partridge (D), Katie Moore (D), Matthew Fall (C), Euan Farmer (C), Emma Davidson (C), David Miedzybrodzki (B), Keira Farmer(B), Kirsten Gray (B) and Jodie Brown (A) were the qualifiers.
In the national final the club had three climbers in the top 10 in their categories: Matthew Fall (4th), Keira Farmer (5th) and David Miedzybrodzki (10th)

British Lead Climbing Championships
Some of the club’s older members travelled to the new Awesome Walls in Sheffield for the Junior BLCC’s on 5th October 2013. Two climbers reached the finals with Kirsten Gray finishing in 5th place and David Miedzybrodzki in 6th

Scottish Youth Climbing Championship
Held at EICA Ratho on 9th November 2013 and comprising top rope, lead and speed disciplines the club had great results across the age ranges. In the top rope and lead competitions there were finalists in Katie Moore (2nd), Stephanie Millar (5th), Thomas Miedzybrodzki (3rd), Matthew Fall (1st), Evan Davis (3rd), David Miedzybrodzki (2nd), Kirsten Gray (3rd) and Keira Farmer (4th). In the speed competition there were three podium places achieved by Kirsten Gray (1st), David Miedzybrodzki (2nd) and Matthew Fall (3rd)

BMC Open Youth Event (Winter)
It was back to Sheffield over the weekend of 5th-6th December 2013for the Open Youth Event (lead) (used in the selection of the British Team) where Kirsten Gray repeated her BLCC performance qualifying for finals and placing 5th

Scottish Youth Bouldering Championships
Held at TCA Glasgow on 5th April 2014, this was an open competition attracting competitors from throughout the UK and Ireland and identifying the Scottish champions. Thomas PTO Miedybrodzki came 3rd, Emma Davidson secured 2nd place and with it became the Scottish champion. Other finalists included Holly Davis in 3rd, Euan Farmer in 5th, Keira Farmer (5th) and Kirsten Gray (6th)

BMC Open Youth Event (Summer)
It was a long trip to London for a few intrepid Quickdraws for the summer open youth event. The lead competition was held at The White Spider on 25th July where David Miedzybrodzki reached the final and finished in 5th place

BMC/MCS Junior British Bouldering Championships 2014
Decided over three rounds, there were notable results from Quickdraws throughout. Kirsten Taylor, David Miedzybrodzki and Connor Moore all achieved top 10 finishes. Emma Davidson made finals twice, coming 6th each time and Euan Farmer reached the podium twice in 2nd place. Overall Emma Davidson and David Miedzybrodzki both finished in 7th place in their categories and Euan Farmer finished in 2nd place.

Hopefully, the above represents an accurate list of the club’s current members’ competition finals achievements but, no matter how long the list is, it is only a list and can’t represent the full picture of how hard everyone has worked throughout the year, nor the challenges they have faced. The club’s founding chairman (and now Area Youth Co-ordinator), Scott Forsyth, has often made the point that it doesn’t matter whether you come 1st or 31st, everyone who takes part in these competitions is a winner. His words are worth remembering.


P.S. If you’re a current club member and you reached a final in any of these competitions that hasn’t been mentioned, please accept our apologies. Let the secretary know at secretary@quickdrawclimbingclub.org.uk and we’ll update this document