29th July - Kirriemuir (Avertical World)

With the weather waxing more Scottish and less tropical, the decision was made to change the venue from Kirriemuir to Avertical World in Dundee.

Thus it was back to the renovated church for Steph, Holly, Kenzie, Lachlan, Charlotte, Jamie and Erin, along with impending new recruit, Lyla.  Vikky from EICA kindly attended in a coaching capacity given Buz is apparently M.I.A. and has been since his 40th.

As with our pre YCS visit in January, Avertical World was not a disappointment, the facilities first class  with well set routes, a great bouldering area and very friendly and helpful, down to earth, staff. Although some time was spent upstairs on the routes, with 8 year old Lyla completing her first lead route after great perserverence, the bulk of the activity was downstairs in the spacious boulder room.

It was a wee bit of a disappointment not being outdoors however, as always, everyone had a great time and the tiredness on the member's faces was evident towards the end of proceedings. Roll on the Yorkshire weekend.

Thanks to Dorothy and Alan as always for their organisation, Vikky, and Avertical World.