30th June - Kyloe Out

With bright sunshine, great climbing and great company, Kyloe Out was a sure fire winner. Steph, 2 Ellas, Holly, Erin, Finlay, Hannah, Matthew, Jamie, Daniel Lachlan and three potential recruits : Charlotte, Erin and Ingrid all attended and all had a great time with plenty routes, sport and traditional ,with bouldering too, all of varying grades to keep everyone entertained and stimulated. Our group leaders from EICA were Neill Busby and Andy Innes.


Kyloe is easy to get to, just down the A1 and off a bit, you park at the side of the verge and walk to the crag avoiding the country pancakes and jaggy gorse bushes where possible. It's not too arduous and on the way back it's mostly downhill which is always a bonus. The climbs are quite well spread out around various locations on the crag which avoids any build up and splits up the day somewhat as you traverse from crag to crag.


I spent most of my time at Central Crag where, towards the end of the day, a top rope was securely anchored on the formidable Australia Crack and many attempts made to tame the beast - crack the crack so to speak - with great perseverence shown by all. It was eventually topped by a couple of the older members which goes to show sometimes you just have to keep knocking and eventually someone will hear you and the door will open. It's perhaps a lesson in life.


There was plenty chat amongst the associates (the parents), topics I heard discussed included :the best types of catapult, organic yoghurts, fighting off polar bears with a flare gun and Kylie Mynogue in the Playhouse back in the late eighties. 


Thanks as always to Dorothy and Alan for their commitment and indeed perseverence, it is much appreciated.