3rd February 2018 , Perth : Take me into insanity

Perth. What better a venue could there possibly be for the final round of the preliminary 2018 Youth Climbing Series, given her nickname of The Fair City. The climbing wall is part of Perth College and is purpose built, It's fairly narrow compared to the rejuvenated churches of Dundee and Glasgow but the walls are of a similar height and it has a large bouldering area too. It's fairly easy to get to if you don't travel through Perth's centre, whilst parking is a doddle. There's a coffee shop/snackbar which I frequented in the purpose of research. On offer were sausages and beans at £1.70 or sausages and pasta and tomato sauce at £1.60 (both approx), to be honest I skipped them, it wasn't the proper tinned Heinz sausages and beans, rather just a mishmash. It's probably ambrosia to the students, pure ambrosia: it's a different clientele to that of Glasgow CC and it's posh nosh.

There was a healthy turnout for the Quickdraw pre-comp visit with Steph, Matthew, Jamie, Niambh, Louise, Lachlan, Holly, Emma, Daniel, Ella and an extremely "late" Duncan ! The routes are apparently great : tough, reachy and technical, most of the Irn Bru coloured ones are girders. It's great to see how the older squad members, the young adults, encourage and help the younger ones, it builds a good spirit and they should be commended. We should perhaps give them awards, like in Animal Farm.

The staff in the complex are sweet, the receptionists are most pleasant and efficient, the "coaches" are always on hand for help and advice. There's a viewing window upstairs, a  bit like Dundee's but smaller.

Towards the end of the day many members retired toi the adjacent gym. DJ Dave -  "Sherlock" - operated the decks and plumped for Take me into Insanity as a backing track to the members trapeze acts : a truly commendable choice indeed.

There's no more outings till May, many ongoing thanks, again, to Alan and Dorothy