5th May 2018 - Rob's Reed

With Spring in the air and a spring in the step it was Rob's Reed hosting the first Quickdraw outdoor climb of the year, after a late change of venue from Kirriemuir.

It's only a five minute drive from Forfar however parking is limited at the crag so we car shared. The members present were Steph, Louise, Ella, Holly and Lachlan together with a new potential recruit, Lyla, and her father Darren who had come along to savour the outing. We were supported by EICA senior instructor Neill Busby. The sun wasn't quite shining but it was warm and pleasant and a superb location for sport climbing.

It's about a ten minute walk from the "car park", you climb over a deer fence gate and then traverse along the fairly steep hillside. It's a managed deer farm so there is no access at rutting season which is September till October.

All the members appeared to have great fun whilst a large quantity of routes were climbed by all. There's not many easy climbs there and special mention should go to Lyla, who's only 8 and had never climbed outside before, only at Avertical World. She attempted a route a good few times and eventually managed to top it in one go with great courage and perseverance.  It was a pleasure to witness and her beaming face at the end of her climb showed how chuffed she was and so she should be. Her dad seemed well happy too and he found an antler - a 10 pointer.

The climbing went on all day, we retired home around half four. It was a great day for all.

Ongoing thanks to Dorothy and Alan for their commitment.