Scottish Youth Climbing Championships

Great day at the SYCC on Saturday, many congratulations to all our qualifiers and winners, but especially to the Quickdraws who got on the podium: Rachel, Natalie, Robert, Angus and William. For Quickdraw results read more...

Full results and MCofS report of the Comp. See Arlene's photos and George's photos in the Gallery. Will Carroll has kindly allowed us to link to his photos: The Day .. The Action .. The Ceremony



Girls 8-10

Amelia Blunt 7th

Girls 11-13

Megan Saunders 5th

Gabriella Stewart 7th

Ishbel Henderson 9th

Girls 14 – 16

Rachel Carr 1st

Alexandra Blunt 6th

Lyndsey Forsyth 7th

Girls 17 -19

Natalie Berry 1st

Boys 8-10

Robert Davidson 2nd

Rory Whyte 7th

Boys 11-13

Angus Davidson 1st

William Bosi 2nd

Alasdair Darroch 6th

Lewis Davidson 8th

Boys 14-16

Andrew Barr 4th

Jamie Drummond 5th

Euan King 8th

Alexander Bosi 10th

MCofS Report Available

Surprisingly quickly they've published the report and scores on their website -

SYCC Photos

Pippa check out Will Carroll's amazing shots on flikr