Scottish Youth Climbing Championships 2011

Thanks for making yesterday such a brilliant day.  Here are the full results and congratulations to everyone for their sportsmanship and good humour throughout the day. 

Superb photos taken by Will Carroll:

and more great photos taken by Sandy:

We are sorry things ran a bit over, but those that stayed to the end were witness to some of the finest youth climbing in the country.  Special mention to Ross Kirkland and William Bosi who both topped the finals blue route to huge cheers from the crowd.  A massive thank you to Pamela Millar and EICA:Ratho for not kicking us out at closing time.

The Scotland North and Scotland South teams all looked fabulous in their new tops so can I ask you to PLEASE remember to take them to Wolverhampton with you in June. 

Anyone interested in taking part in Neil McGeachy’s YCS prep day at Transition Extreme on 18th June should get in touch with MCofS.  Space is allocated to team members first but there may be spaces available for non-team members later on in the month.

The next youth competition will be the BMC Youth Open at EICA:Ratho on 30th July.  This is a lead climbing competition for climbers born between 1992 and 1999 and consists of 2 qualifier routes and a final.  This competition will be used to select the GB team competing in the World Championships in August but is open to anyone that may be aiming for a GB team place in the future.

We also hope to be able to announce a date shortly for the Scottish Youth Bouldering Championship currently scheduled for September time.  Have a great summer and keep on climbing.