Visit to Avertical World in Dundee 30/12/17

It was a a typical dreich morning in Dundee as the fresh faced children and rather bleary eyed adults arrived at Avertical World in Dundee, an old church converted, extremely well, into an indoor climbing facility.

They were there to practice, to have a "taste of the walls", given the imminent first round of the double-edged sword that is the United Kingdom Youth Climbing Series competition.If your bairns wins, it's wine and roses, if they lose, it's whisky and daises - you can potentially find yourself sitting outside in the garden for a spell, contemplating the meaning of life.

Avertical World is fairly easy to get to and parking is not too bad, if you are rich you can use the big giant car park at I think £7 per day, otherwise just move your car from bay to bay every 75 minutes. It's very clean and fresh, the staff are most friendly and helpful, the routes are well set and challenging and all the children, that's : Steph, Matthew. Holly, Daniel, Lachlan, Ella, Finlay, another Ella, Niamh and last but not least, Rosa, had a great time, the "cave climb" area seemed popular. There were two extras as well, Anna and her mother Lucy to had travelled to the wall unaware of the impending stampede.

That's really about it, I thought I could spice up the site slightly by incorporating a new feature as, it appears to me that, and please dont't take this personally anyone, many of the children are eating unsuitable food for "promising athletes". At Avertical World one of the dustbins was overflowing with multiple empty Cadbury's Animal bags, coke cans, Mars bar wrappers and loads of empty supermarket pre-packed sandwich wrappers, all marked with red in the salt content section. And red means bad.

So, my suggestion is this. Each outing we will dissect, at random, one child's lunchbox, it's contents to be analysed, photographed and published. That can only be for everyone's benefit in the long run. It could be called : A Looky in the Lunchbox, it sounds less intimidating than "nutribiology".

Thanks, as always, to Dorothy and Alan for organising the trip