YCS Finals Prep for Parents

Neil McGeachy is running a YCS Finals prep day for climbers at Transistion Exteme on 18th June.

In lieu of a prep day for parents here are some tips:-

1.       Set the lat/long of the climbing wall in your sat nav not the postcode.  Check on Google Earth so you know what it looks like and the most direct route from where you are staying.

2.       check your kid’s bag even if they say they have everything with them.

3.       Get there early as seating/space is likely to be at a premium and you will need to dump your stuff somewhere.

4.       Do not let your child dump their stuff or you will never see it again.

5.       Make sure they have their kit with them at all times or they bring it back to you.

6.       Name everything – you may think your child’s harness/shoes/chalk bag are unique but they won’t be.

7.       pack lots of nutritious nibbly things because neither you, nor they, will want to eat properly - you will be too nervous. 

8.       Carry a small bag of food and drink with you at all times.  Chances are it will be so busy in the climbing wall you won’t be able to get to the stuff you dumped earlier easily.

9.       Always take your warm coat.  Even if the sun is shining outside it will be chilly in the climbing wall.

10.   Charge the camera batteries before you go.  And the video camera.  And the laptop. And the phone.

11.   Don’t be upset if your child disappears at the start of the day and you then only get to watch them from afar  while they make new friends.

12.   Do cheer loudly when your child gets the trophy for winning even if it embarrasses them.  You deserve it after all your hard work.