YCS Second Round Results

Despite fears that the Pleasance would be too small the day worked out really well with things running so smoothly that we managed to finish before 4pm.  The staff remarked to me a couple of times how impressed they were both with the quality of the climbing and the enthusiasm and support the kids showed towards each other. As soon as we cleared out they had their climbing shoes on to try the routes.  Thanks to Alan Cassidy and Mike Jeans for setting some crackers.

Results and current standings have been emailed out but here is a summary of Quickdraw performances:

Girls 8-10
3rd Amelia Blunt
4th Emma Davidsion

Boys 8-10
1st Rory Whyte
2nd Evan Davis
3rd Declan Currie

Girls 11-13
1st Eilidh Vass Payne
2nd= Gabriella Stewart
        Keira Famer
        Kirsten Gray

6th Claudia Charlwood

9th Hannah Grindley

10th Jodie Borwn

11th Hannah Dickson

12th Kirsten Taylor

Boys 11-13
1st William Bosi
3rd Ewan Davidson

5th Robert Davidsion

6th Lewis Davidson

8th Ruaraidh Middleton

Girls 14-16
1st Abigail Blunt
2nd= Megan Saunders

5th Alexandra Blunt

6th Lyndsey Forsyth

Boys 14-16
1st Jamie Drummond
3rd Euan King

4th Alexander Bosi